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The passing of a loved one can leave you torn between holding on and letting go.Holding onto the chamber of beautiful memories they have left in your heart and letting go of the letting go of their possessions including clothing. If you’ve cleared a closet or drawer of someone you loved following their passing you may have stopped briefly several times and held a dress or shirt to your heart or cheek. In a fleeting moment you remember them wearing it in happier times…. Reluctantly, you let go.Cassie’s Healing Quilt will allow you to hold on to a comforting custom quilt constructed from clothing you personally select. You can add an embroidered inscription to further customize the quilt. The inscription can be a favorite poem, scripture or quote of your loved one. Each quilt is multi-purposed for warmth and comfort. Your Healing Quilt will be a family heirloom that can be passed on to future generations.

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